What is an industrial socket box? It can be analyzed from three specific points:

1.Scope of use of industrial socket boxes

It is applicable to power industry, railway industry, chemical industry, coal industry, automobile industry, shipbuilding industry, container terminal, airport, large playground, steel industry, electrical industry, construction industry, food industry, etc.

2. Characteristics of Industrial Socket Box

1: The materials include PC plastic and stainless steel. Most of them are PC plastic.

2: Take PC plastic as an example.

3: The protection level of the box can reach IP67.

4: The shell is thick, waterproof, dustproof, and corrosion-resistant.

5: Configure plugs and sockets, leakage circuit breakers, and air switches according to user needs.

6: Compared to stainless steel distribution boxes, they have the advantages of light weight, long service life, insulation, and simple installation.

7: The circuit is not messy.

8: Install a plug on one end of the device.

9: It is necessary to directly plug electricity into the socket provided in the socket box.

10: Using electricity is safer.

11: According to user needs, there are portable, wall mounted, and other forms of use.

3. Manufacturing method of industrial socket box

1. A new type of multi-purpose industrial socket box, which includes a box body, wherein the box body includes a circuit breaker room and a socket room, the circuit breaker room is connected to a drawer type low-voltage switchgear line, the socket room is located on the left side of the circuit breaker room, and there are multiple socket holes on the socket room for connecting corresponding plugs.

2. The circuit breaker room is equipped with vertically arranged guide rails, and the guide rails are equipped with installation positions for arranging the circuit breaker.

3. By adopting the technical means of circuit breaker room, socket room, and drawer type low-voltage switchgear, the introduction and distribution of power supply are achieved, which can be used in various harsh environmental conditions and has the characteristics of convenient and flexible use, plug and play.

4. Overcoming the shortcomings of traditional sockets such as poor safety, reliability, and easy damage