Tianmai industrial socket distribution box is a power distribution device that uses plugs and sockets as input and output interfaces. The fixed distribution boxes used in power plants generally have a main power switch, while the branch switch can be a leakage protection switch or a small molded case circuit breaker. Most mobile distribution boxes do not come with switches or only have branch switches. Some box doors are also equipped with a power indicator light to indicate whether the power has been turned on, and also have decorative effects.

The majority of socket distribution boxes are painted iron sheet boxes, with a protection level of up to IP44. Small socket distribution boxes also have plastic shells.

In fossil-fuel power station, due to the serious pollution caused by using coal as fuel, especially the poor environmental conditions caused by coal dust in the coal yard and its transportation, the socket distribution box under these environmental conditions is usually made of stainless steel. In oil-fired power plants, due to the fact that the fuel is oil and the workshop environmental conditions are good, socket distribution boxes are commonly made of engineering plastics (polycarbonate), stainless steel, and iron sheet spray painted boxes.

The socket distribution box has three characteristics:

1. Convenient and fast. Due to the use of plug-in connections instead of traditional terminal wiring methods, it is more convenient and practical to connect the power distribution box when using terminals

2. Safe and reliable. Currently, the socket distribution box adopts industrial plugs and sockets that comply with the 1918-111919-89 “Industrial Plug, Socket, and Coupler} standard (equivalent to IFC309-1 and 2 standards), overcoming the shortcomings of poor safety and reliability of old-fashioned plugs and sockets, as well as their fragile drop. Due to the adoption of international standards, it is safer and more reliable to use them both domestically and internationally.

3. Diversified and versatile socket distribution devices have broken the traditional fixed form and designed a variety of distribution equipment. Currently, there are a series of products such as portable, hand wheeled, frame type, wall mounted, and bracket type.