The cast aluminum junction box is made of high-quality die-cast aluminum alloy material. It has the characteristics of reasonable and simple structure, good impact resistance, good sealing performance, and good electromagnetic interference resistance. The junction box can be equipped with wiring terminals, circuit boards, or electronic components, suitable for various fields such as electronic and electrical, communication networks, firefighting equipment, electromechanical, shipbuilding, petrochemical, large factories, coastal factories, docks, water treatment facilities, environmental protection equipment, power control, etc. So, how to choose a suitable waterproof cast aluminum junction box?

1. Correct selection of sealing level

Choosing waterproof cast aluminum junction boxes is a very important factor in terms of IP protection level. According to IEC-60529, the first digit of the IP (Ingress protection) level represents the ability of the shell to resist the invasion of solid particles, while the second digit represents the protective ability of the shell against water droplets. Most waterproof cast aluminum junction boxes have an IP rating of IP66, which means they can adapt to harsh usage environments.

2. Choose the appropriate size

The selection of a suitable size waterproof junction box is first based on the size of existing components and the location of the equipment to be placed. However, we should also consider whether new components will be added in the future, and if so, whether the space is sufficient. Also, it should be noted that the reference dimensions provided by the junction box supplier are external dimensions or internal dimensions. The installable space is usually smaller than the provided internal dimensions, which should also be noted.

3. Note which components are included in the standard configuration of the product

Most manufacturers’ product numbers do not reflect the inclusion of standard accessories. Usually, we can understand that a junction box includes a box cover, box body, sealing strip, and box cover screws. According to different needs, manufacturers will also provide optional accessories such as wall fixing hanging corners, installing floors, and cable connectors. It is necessary to clarify which standard components and optional accessories are available before placing an order in order to avoid any inconvenience afterwards.