Why Tianmai


Tianmai Electric, founded in 2008 Olympic year to manufacture distribution box and wiring accessories. With an annual production capability of 3,000,000 pieces, Tianmai Electric are widely sold to North America, Europe and Australia. The performance, service life and ergonomics of our distribution box are guided by the need to meet the high expectations of professional users. With this QC principle and nearly 10 years’ endeavor of our people, Tianmai has successfully qualified with ISO9001:2015 and established a wholesome distribution system.


We appreciate the challengeable customer diversity. That’s why we make a real effort to listen and learn as much as we can about your business from various aspects. Tianmai people care about building relationships that complement the way you work. We also believe that integrity, responsiveness, reliability, loyalty and commitment really mean something in a flexible business relationship.


As a junction box supplier, our main service is to provide either cable tools or power distribution system to all professional levels internationally.

  • We offer an after hours emergency service.
  • Our rapid delivery service means you’ll never have to slow down on choosing from local supermarkets.
  • Wishlist notify you when your interested items are back to stock to help you with time management.
  • You can search products, request quotes at PRODUCTS.


Tianmai is committed to quality across all aspects of our business – our people, processes and products. We call this ‘the Tianmai standard’. Here are some of the ways we’re working to support and enhance your reputation.

  • If you ever do have an issue after you install a product, our after-sales department will do everything possible to correct the situation.
  • We stand behind the quality of our products with our Product Quality Guarantee.


For Tianmai, sustainability is about balancing economic success, environmental stewardship and social progress to benefit all our stakeholders. Sustainability is part of company strategy and business success. Sustainability considerations cover how we design and manufacture products, what we offer customers, how we engage suppliers, how we assess risks and opportunities, and how we behave in the communities where we operate and towards one another,  while striving to ensure the health, safety and security of our employees, contractors and others affected by our activities.