Advantages of using Tianmai industrial plugs and sockets

With the rapid development of the industry, the demand for industrial electricity by enterprises is increasing, and the demand for industrial electrical products is also increasing. The utilization rate of industrial plugs and sockets is also increasing. What are the advantages of using industrial plugs?

Firstly, safety and reliability

1. This type of product uses shell color to indicate the rated voltage, such as 220V in blue and 380V in red, which is clear at a glance, easy to distinguish, and error free.

2. Products of different specifications have different diameters, pole numbers, and grounding contact positions, so inserting only products of the same standard can prevent incorrect insertion.

3. Equipped with electric shock protection device. Because the socket’s ground electrode insert sleeve is longer than the phase electrode and neutral electrode insert sleeve, when inserting the plug, first connect the Earth electrode, then the phase electrode, and finally disconnect the ground electrode. It is not plugged in and is very safe to use.

4. High level of protection. There are IP44 waterproof and IP67 waterproof types. Not only can the human body not come into contact with live parts, but it can also ensure safety under various environmental conditions.

5. There is a fixed device that can fasten the plug and socket tightly, preventing them from falling off after insertion, greatly improving reliability.

6. There is a cable retraction device that can tighten the cable sheath and pull fixed wood for safe use.

Secondly, durability

1. Good mechanical performance. The product shell is made of high-quality engineering plastic, with high strength, impact resistance, and is not easy to trip or step on. The rubber and plastic used have anti-aging properties, so they can be used indoors and outdoors, and are very durable.

2. Heat resistance and flame retardancy. The shell and internal insulation are heat-resistant, with temperatures up to (1005), and critical parts can withstand (1255), flame retardant.

3. More resistant to plugging and use. The normal number of insertion and extraction operations is more than 5000, such as products with a rated current of 16A.

4. The temperature rise test of conductive contacts (contact pins, socket sleeves) shall not exceed 50K, suitable for long-term use.

Thirdly, strong universality

This product adopts the GB/T11918-11919-2001 standard, which is equivalent to IEC60309-1 and 2 standards and fully complies with international standards. Therefore, these types of products are widely used domestically and internationally. It has different specifications and can meet different occasions and purposes.