Waterproof junction boxes are often used in construction sites, mines, ship cabins, outdoor electrical, communication, firefighting equipment, steel smelting, petrochemical, electronics, power, railways, construction sites, mines, mining sites, airports, hotels, ships, large factories, coastal factories, unloading docks, and other equipment. They are one of the electrical wiring materials for electricians. The installation site of equipment is often damp and prone to flooding, and the poor waterproof effect of junction boxes often leads to instrument failure The problems of remote terminal unit (RTU) malfunction have solved the problems faced by the construction unit.

PC plastics have excellent impact resistance, heat resistance, low temperature resistance, chemical resistance, and electrical properties, as well as easy processing. Why choose Tianmai Electric for waterproof plastic junction boxes?

1. The impact resistance can reach IK07, and the impact resistance of PC material can reach IK08 (which can withstand the impact of metal hammers), fully meeting customer usage requirements.

2. The weight is one-third of that of an iron box, making it easy to transport and process.

3. The insulation performance is excellent, and personnel will not experience electric shock when touched, avoiding the occurrence of dangerous situations.

4. In acidic and alkaline environments, long-term use will not cause corrosion or rusting.

5. The sealing performance of the box is excellent, reaching IP68. It can be used for a long time in damp and humid environments, especially in situations with dust and small particles.

6. A wide range of temperature fields (-40 ℃ -+80 ℃).

7. The product has a beautiful, elegant, and upscale appearance, with standardized and unified mass production, making it particularly suitable for controlling the wiring of high-end products and occasions.

8. A professional manufacturer of plastic sealed boxes, with a wide range of sizes and models to choose from, basically meeting the different size requirements of over 90% of customers for electrical boxes.

Tianmai products are widely used in various fields such as electrical, electronic, communication, firefighting equipment, petrochemical, and large factories. Moreover, in terms of electrification control systems, our company provides various thoughtful services to a wide range of instrument manufacturers, engineering manufacturers, equipment manufacturers, and mechanical manufacturers. Our company has over a thousand models of sealed chassis, which are made of materials such as ABS, polycarbonate, fiberglass reinforced polyester, and die-cast aluminum. Our products have the characteristics of dustproof, waterproof, explosion-proof, acid and alkali resistant, beautiful appearance, stable quality, complete insulation and non conductivity, impact resistance and non deformation. It is widely used in control boxes, EMC shielding boxes, transfer boxes, pull boxes, distribution boxes, instrument boxes, button switch boxes, etc.