Nylon Vent Plug

● Material: PA66
● Color : white, gray, black
●Temperature resistance:  -40℃ to 150℃
● Moisture penetrability: >5000g/24H.M2
● Hydrostatic pressure resistance: ≥100 mbar for 30 min
● Product feature: dustproof, hydrophobic, breathable, heat dissipation, oill proof
● Air permeability : ≥1.5L/min/c㎡@70mbar (customizable)













2:Vent,copper factory and protect equipment operating under terrible environment.

3:Cooling,replace or assist heat sink,to reduce temperature of car.

4:Extend the service life of products.

Item Air permeability Thread Length Joint Length Thread O.D. Spanner Size Code
(mm) (mm) (mm) (mm)
M6×1.0-7 ≥ 600ml/mim/@70mbar 7mm 13mm 6mm 12mm TM-PF.M6
M8×1.0-7 ≥ 600ml/mim/@70mbar 7mm 12.5mm 8mm 12mm TM-PF.M8
M10×1.5-10 ≥ 1500ml/mim/@70mbar 10mm 18mm 10mm 17mm TM-PF.M10
M12×1.0-10 ≥ 1500ml/mim/@70mbar 10mm 16mm 12mm 16mm TM-PF.M12
M12×1.5-10 ≥ 1500ml/mim/@70mbar 10mm 16mm 12mm 16mm TM-PF.M12
M16×1.5-10 ≥ 4500ml/mim/@70mbar 10mm 18mm 16mm 22mm TM-PF.M16
M20×1.5-10 ≥ 4000ml/mim/@70mbar 10mm 18mm 20mm 27mm TM-PF.M20
M24×1.5-15 ≥ 7000ml/mim/@70mbar 15mm 24mm 24mm 36mm TM-PF.M24
M32×1.5-15 ≥ 8500ml/mim/@70mbar 15mm 25mm 32mm 45mm TM-PF.M32
M40×1.5-15 ≥ 8500ml/mim/@70mbar 15mm 24mm 40mm 56mm TM-PF.M40





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