TM-AGS Series IP67 Waterproof Hinged Junction Box With Stainless Steel Latch

● Material: ABS, PC
● Color: gray white
● Compliant with standards: Rohs, CE, IP67,IK08
● Complete specifications, easy installation
● Customized drilling and color


* Effectively prevent electric leakage
* Plastic material screw, no rust problem
* Rubber sealing ring prevent dirt, dust, oil and water
* Erection column, it can installs more parts such like terminal and rail
* More mounting post on the bottom, can easily and firmly mount rail and PCB board
* Designed to insulate and protect controls and components in both indoor & outdoor applications

L×W×H (mm) grey cover clear cover
125*125*75 TM-AGS-125*125*75 TM-ATS 125*125*75
125*125*100 TM-AGS-125*125*100 TM-ATS-125*125*100
175*125*75 TM-AGS-175*125*75 TM-ATS-175*125*75
175*125*100 TM-AGS-175*125*100 TM-ATS-175*125*100
200*150*100 TM-AGS-200*150*100 TM-ATS-200*150*100
200*150*130 TM-AGS-200*150*130 TM-ATS-200*150*130
200*200*100 TM-AGS-200*200*100 TM-ATS-200*200*100
200*200*130 TM-AGS-200*200*130 TM-ATS-200*200*130
250*150*100 TM-AGS-250*150*100 TM-ATS-250*150*100
250*150*130 TM-AGS-250*150*130 TM-ATS-250*150*130



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